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Toxic BBQ 15th Anniversary Zine - Contributions Wanted

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  • Toxic BBQ 15th Anniversary Zine - Contributions Wanted

    Current Toxic BBQ organizers are putting together a zine to commemorate the 15th iteration of the BBQ. It will be part history, part recipe book, part how-to manual for building a community event just like Toxic back at home.

    If you have a story/anecdote/vendetta from Toxic BBQ, post it here or send me a message.
    If you are a past organizer of the BBQ and I haven't already contacted you, hit me up for an extended list of questions.
    If you want to share a recipe or you've MacGyver'd a BBQ tool you simply must share, also reach out!

    Thanks for helping us build this meat space in meatspace year after year. Looking forward to doing it again as soon as we can.


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    I've been to the last 4 - 5 toxic BBQ's, it's just something you do when attending Defcon. The people are amazing and everyone is always happy to help out where ever possible. Plus, I've received some of the best swag ever at the BBQ (talking to you peppercon and spacex folks).


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      Hey all. My wife (V3rbaal) and I have spent the past few years putting on Blue Team Village but we're going to take this year an an opportunity to enjoy DC for ourselves again. We've never been to a Toxic BBQ so how does this work? Should we bring enough food/drinks for our group + extras to share or is there some sort of coordinated effort?

      I'm a n00b again.


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        Welcome! The mantra is “Help however you can.” Food, labor, libations, donations, conversations whatever floats your boat.
        • In normal years, we do a coordinated supply run at 1pm to a local Costco where we divide a supply list among whomever comes.
        • Fires light at 3PM, and there’s plenty of spots to volunteer on the grill throughout the cookout.
        • Ice, food and everything else can be obtained from the Albertsons within spitting distance of the park.
        • Plenty of satellite events like Peppercon, a brewing contest, Ham call-in stations and others have formed. Bring something to share and be prepared to talk everyone’s ear off answering questions.
        Whatever happens this year, we’re looking to make this 15th year special. We’d welcome your submissions in the form of recipes or hacked barbecue gadgets even if you’ve never come. Then we’ll share them together in person or over the wire.


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          I remember meeting so many great people at the Toxic BBQ. If you've never gone, make it a point. Take some cash to donate to the EFF and the Toxic BBQ fund. Bring your own meat, snacks, and booze to share with others. It's a great time! Every Time!
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            Is there any central place for information about the Toxic BBQ at DC29? We are trying to find out the place, time, and date.


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              Put up specific details as a thread. Same bat time, same bat channel.