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Beverage Cooling Contraption Contest at DEF CON 29

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  • Beverage Cooling Contraption Contest at DEF CON 29

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    Its a disaster! My ultra cold freezer is broken and my beverage is now room temperature! Everything's going to be ruined unless we can find some way to cool this stuff down and distribute it to the masses. Are you up to the challenge?

    Bring a contraption and compete in the unlimited category or build one at the contest and compete in the hacked category. Whatever floats your jetsam. Win fabulous prizes that I've found "lying around" in places.
    Friday 10am - 2PM
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    August 6, 2021 10:00
    August 6, 2021 14:00
    See program guide
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    Well if anyone reads this BCCC is back baby!

    Target temperature this year is -80 degrees C!

    No not really, lets just keep it simple at 34 degrees Fahrenheit. That said, if you chill and hand me a -80 degree covid vaccine storage ready beer you can win. I don't know what you will win but it will be something.

    Points calculation will be degree delta - mass per time, scaled by a penalty factor for the distance from 34 degrees F. Penalty factor will be adjusted to achieve a bell curve.

    So for a starting temp Bs and a chilled temp Bc, final product mass Mb and a chill time of Tc and a scale factor Sf the calculation will be (Bs-Bc)*Mb/Tc * (Sf * abs(34-Bc)). In this case bigger numbers are better! The equations may change if this turns out to suck or I messed it up. Basically stick to colder faster is better and you will be fine.
    • Same categories (hacked and unlimited) as last time. Bring a contraption for the unlimited class or build it at the event for hacked.
    • The supply store with dry ice, regular ice, duct tape, and maybe rubbing alcohol if I can find it will be available.

    Also general rules remain the same,
    • Thou shalt have a DEFCON "badge".
    • Thou shalt not have more then 3 people on a team at the table during qualification runs. Larger teams are allowed for setup but only 3 operators during qualifying runs.
    • Thou shalt dispose of thine own test fluids.
    • Thou shalt not used a commercial pre-built unit. You must build your own contraption
    • Thou shalt not adulterate the beverage! No pouring it over ice, no mixing in cold fluids, no pouring over dry ice, no adding liquid nitrogen etc etc..
    • Thou shalt not excessively endanger the event. If your contraption is flammable, contains compressed gasses, is otherwise hazardous you will need to explain to me how you have mitigated the risks and I will make a final determination. So please, if flammable, have an extinguisher, if it contains pressurized gasses over a few psi, please have completed a hydro static test of at least 2x times the max expected operating pressure and have a safety relief valve at no more then 1.5x! Note CO2 can go solid in valves when vented so keep that in mind. This is an indoor event, venting hydrogen fluoride is a no go. That said, we have never had to disqualify someone and that will remain a fact so lone as everyone uses common sense! Lets do this!
    • Thou shalt have fun! Seriously, don't fuck this one up. Last thing we need is some damn talking ponies showing up and bringing all the bronies to the yard. I lived in Baltimore during the dark years, I don't need that.

    Finally, as with every year if you provide me a sub 4 kelvin beer that you chilled at the event you automatically get first place, my eternal love and admiration, and IDK a drone or something. I'll have to figure out the prize for this one on the fly because nobody is actually going to do this. TO NOTE the method must be repeatable, no venting large amounts of helium!


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      Really looking forward to this! Question about the hacked category though, are there any limitations to what I can bring as long as I actually build the contraption onsite (aside from the obvious endangering of the event etc)? Also, any idea about how long the hacked category has to actually build out the device? Thanks in advance, looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with this year!