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AI Village at DEF CON 29

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  • AI Village at DEF CON 29

    Artificial Learning techniques are becoming more prevalent in core security technologies like malware detection and network traffic analysis. Its use has opened up new vectors for attacks against non-traditional targets, such as deep learning based image recognition systems used in self driving cars. There are unique challenges in defending and attacking these machine learning systems that the security community needs to be made aware of. This AI Village will introduce DEF CON attendees to these systems and the state of the art in defending and attacking them. We will provide a setting to educate DEF CON at large through workshops and a platform for researchers in this area to share the latest research.

    Our main focus is on expanding the hands-on activities that attendees can participate in. This year, attendees will create a realistic face using StyleGAN, learn how to generate text, and attack a discriminatory resume screening program. We'll also have talks via CFP, and workshops: both introductory ML for beginners and intermediate/advanced on Facial Recognition/Adversarial ML. We are planning three contests inside the village: one as a standard CTF, another on evading a malware classifier (Ember), and a final realtime panel of Deepfaked DarkTangent's answering personal questions and giving opinions on life, the universe, and everything!
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    August 6, 2021
    August 8, 2021
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