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Bio Hacking Village at DEF CON 29

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  • Bio Hacking Village at DEF CON 29

    Growing from seeds of demand, the Biohacking Village emerged at DEF CON to deliver action-oriented reinvention of the safety and security of health care. THE BIOHACKING VILLAGE, a 501(c)3 organization, is uniquely poised to inform global conversations in health care cybersecurity research. Representing voices who see ‘code’ as genetics, ‘subroutines’ as organic processes, and ‘programs’ as life itself the BHV has grown to become an expansive and inclusive, hands-on playground for the entire biomedical ecosystem - patients, clinicians, hackers, manufacturers, regulators, hospital administrators, and others seeking healthier futures through meaningful technology. This nimble community delivers hands-on, strident learning labs to influence in health care, industry, and manufacturing.

    We bring the biomedical ecosystem to DEF CON in four ways:

    Device Lab
    A high-collaboration, hands-on learning environment builds trust and trustworthiness across multidisciplinary voices in healthcare, connecting security researchers, manufacturers, hospitals, and regulators in an experiential learning laboratory that encourages cross-pollination and real-world skills development. Device Lab research benefits patients and manufacturers by providing valuable, high-fidelity feedback on established, new, and developing devices.

    Speaker Lab
    Connection starts with shared experiences. Speakers at BHV have walked the walk - from their adventures in garage science to the emerging threats they uncover to next generation solutions and next level care. Full Stack Biotechnologists, security researchers, regulators, clinicians, citizen scientists, patients, and engineers enlighten and inspire BHV attendees through creative and collaborative discussions around emerging technologies and threats, novel work in biologics, security architectures, and the opportunities inside the interdisciplinary nature of healthcare.

    Catalyst Lab
    The world’s largest, meatiest problems cross through the BHV and the Catalyst Lab works to convene thought leaders, hacktivists, and manufacturers working in the biomedical industry to investigate the solutions of best fit and provide a series of tabletops for training, hands-on workshops, and solutions design that covers the entirety of the biomedical device and security ecosystem.

    Capture The Flag
    Hackers work to defend a hospital under siege, racing against the clock. The immersive, “learn by doing” environment challenges hackers to use their skills to anticipate, defend, and recover, as their adversary escalates their attacks throughout the game.
    August 6, 2021
    August 8, 2021
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