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ICS Village at DEF CON 29

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  • ICS Village at DEF CON 29

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    ICS Village is a non-profit organization with the purpose of providing education and awareness of Industrial Control System security.
    • Connecting public, industry, media, policymakers, and others directly with ICS systems and experts.
    • Providing educational tools and materials to increase understanding among media, policymakers, and the general population.
    • Providing access to ICS for security researchers to learn and test.
    • Hands on instruction for industry to defend ICS systems.

    High profile Industrial Controls Systems security issues have grabbed headlines and sparked changes throughout the global supply chain. The ICS Village allows defenders of any experience level to understand these systems and how to better prepare and respond to the changing threat landscape.

    Interactive simulated ICS environments, such as Hack the Plan(e)t and Howdy Neighbor, provide safe yet realistic examples to preserve safe, secure, and reliable operations. We bring real components such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), Remote Telemetry Units (RTU), actuators, to simulate a realistic environment throughout different industrial sectors. Visitors can connect their laptops to assess these ICS devices with common security scanners, network sniffers to sniff the industrial traffic, and more!

    The Village provides workshops, talks, and training classes.
    August 6, 2021
    August 8, 2021
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