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  • Career Hacking Village at DEF CON 29

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    This isn’t just getting the next job, it is building, shifting, and presenting skills and capabilities to keep reaching the next level of where you want to go.

    In 2020, studies showed that in the hacking community over 45% did not know how to find a job. Post pandemic with unemployment rising, this number has increased to 55%. These studies also show that many hackers do not know the next step in their career. From other studies, hackers have stated that they don’t know the top ways to find a job and worse, how to plan the next step in their career. While we talk about the talent shortages, we are not equipping our community with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to sustain their career search and development.

    Career Hacking village provides opportunities to build out your career plan and get through the next steps. We have workshops on plan development, resume refinement, identifying mentors, and practice interviews. We will complement this with one-on-one meetings with recruiters for resume review and career mentors for frank conversations about career search and development. New this year will be adding in Mock Interviews to finetune the virtual interviewing process.

    The CAHV brings the opportunity to work with the one aspect of tech careers that won’t run in the cloud - getting past recruiters and building a career that lets people match their passions with opportunities. No two paths are exactly the same.

    From presentations that focus on key aspects of career search and career development to discussions with community career advisors these activities will help community members re-examine their overall career goals and tactics.
    August 6, 2021
    August 7, 2021
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