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Lock Bypass Village at DEF CON 29

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  • Lock Bypass Village at DEF CON 29

    The Lock Bypass Village explores the world of hardware bypasses and techniques generally outside of the realm of cyber security and lockpicking. Come learn some of these bypasses, how to fix them, and have the opportunity to try them out for yourself.

    We’ll be covering the basics, like the under-the-door-tool and latch slipping attacks, as well as an in depth look at more complicated bypasses. Learn about elevator hacking, attacking alarm systems at the sensor and communication line, and cut-away and display models of common hardware to show how it works on the inside.

    Looking for a challenge? Show us you can use lock bypass to escape from a pair of standard handcuffs in under 30 seconds and receive a prize!

    The lock bypass village is almost 100% hands on and is one of the only villages that has content about physical security. We strive to develop new content on a yearly basis to retain the interest of new and existing participants. This year we will be rebuilding all of our door displays to improve the production value, we will also have new displays that capture elevator security, double doors (with a deadbolt), forceable entry, some content on Access controls/Wiegand/RFID cloning, and other subjects.
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