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The DEF CON Multi User Dungeon at DC 29

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  • The DEF CON Multi User Dungeon at DC 29

    [More details soon]

    The DEF CON Multi User Dungeon (MUD) is back, only this time we have taken over a MUD with a 25 year history, the MUD that the DEF CON 28 MUD was based on, CoreMUD. Solve Quests, mine, own a shop, hire employees, go on a killing spree, all of these things are possible in the MUD.

    The contest will start May 1st and will run until DEF CON Sunday. There will be three prizes awarded. Prizes will be awarded for completing quests, getting the highest level, or mining the most, or possibly a combination of all three. See if you have what it takes to beat the MUD. Special for this event, player killing will be enabled between DEF CON MUD participants while the original players of the game look at the carnage.
    August 5, 2021
    August 8, 2021
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    Hey folks, sorry I'm late to the things, we've had some mild delays getting the contest ready but the MUD itself is live. We are now aiming for a mid June start and will run until defcon closing ceremonies.

    In the interim if you want to get some practice in the game itself is live. To connect to the game download a copy of Mudlet and connect to the game CoreMUD which is in the default muds list. To access with a different game telnet to on port 4000.

    We have prepared a draft set of rules here:[]=defcon

    The major rules to be aware of are there are to be no writeups of how to solve the games main quests, however you can totally do writeups based on any of the quests in "the FUNHOUSE" which is 3 north, and 1 west of the in game 0,0,0.

    You will want to do the tutorial quests and get a feel for the game before we launch the DEFCON quests themselves.

    CoreMUD is a 25 year old game that was written as a spoof of sci-fi games of its era, it is generally assumed that there will be mature content. Basically hacker jeopardy rules apply. There will be content such as inter-office romance, mature jokes, genetically engineered slave races, and an evil company that only cares about profits.

    18+ suggested but not enforced.

    Official Contest Start
    The game itself is live but the DEFCON specific quests are not, it is suggested you make a normal player and get a feel for the game until July 1st when we actually start, at that point create a player with defcon in your name so the in game systems will track your progress. Beware we have made the game harder for DEFCON players, oldschool death penalties, quest requirements and equipment damage kicks in.

    Last years MUD was based on this game and it is an honour to host the MUD on CoreMUD this year.

    Prizes are yet to be determined but will likely be amazon gift cards due to the virtual nature and difficulty in arranging badges remotely.


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      [Steve] In breaking news, the company hostage rescue training facility has suffered a computer malfunction. The elevator access control system has been disabled and the simulation control computer is no longer functioning. Stay clear of the entrance. Due to security reasons the company will not be revealing the exact location.

      [Steve] Company health insurance is not in effect for this training area, the company will not provide reimbursement for lost equipment or cloning failures as a result of death. Please note as this is an active training area there are no pubs, clinics, or lizon shops of any kind in "the funhouse". Rescue services are spotty and miners are advised to stay out of the area. The lead training instructor has gone missing and it is feared he was eaten by the training clown.

      End Transmission


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        The game itself will stay up after the CTF ends, so feel free to keep playing in either DEFCON mode or normal player mode. Here is a quick tutorial video if you'd like to see how the game is played.


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          Content in this MUD do not reflect the views of DEFCON, EvilMog, the game administrators, or their employers. All resemblance to people or entities, living or dead is completely unintentional and the game is intended to be a Parody of other sci-fi games.