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Schemaverse Contest at DEF CON 29

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  • Schemaverse Contest at DEF CON 29

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    The Schemaverse [skee-muh vurs] is a space battleground that lives inside a PostgreSQL database. Mine the hell out of resources and build up your fleet of ships, all while trying to protect your home planet. Once you're ready, head out and conquer the map from other DEF CON rivals.

    Why DEF CON? Each player can use their preferred tools, their own skillset, and their own point of view, to battle for supremacy in the Schemaverse. Just like DEF CON, the Schemaverse is all about how much you want to put into it. How will you or your contest &/or event, contribute a new perspective to the content at DEF CON? Wow this is a tough one. We're a ten year old contest. It's hard to stay fresh but we certainly stay weird, difficult, and entertaining.
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