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Analysis 101 and 102 for the Incident Responder by Kristy Westphal at DEF CON 29

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  • Analysis 101 and 102 for the Incident Responder by Kristy Westphal at DEF CON 29

    Analysis 101 and 102 for the Incident Responder
    Kristy Westphal

    You have a theory about something you have found while roaming the network or conducting your own hackfest, but how do you go about proving it? This workshop will be a hands-on journey deep into the world of analysis. While analysis is a bit of an art form, there are methods that can be applied to make it less of a gut feeling and more of a scientific approach to support your hypothesis. From network forensics to log analysis to endpoint forensics and cloud log analysis, we will review numerous quick methods to gain context over the data you have gathered and apply critical thinking in an attempt to find the answers. Sometimes, the answers weren’t meant to be found, but we’ll also discuss how to make the best of any conclusion that you reach.

    Trainer Bio(s)
    Kristy Westphal is a versatile information technology professional with specific experience in providing advisory and management services in the area of information security and risk is currently employed as the Vice President, Security Operations at a financial services company. Specializing in leadership and program development, specific expertise in security areas includes: process analysis, risk assessments, security awareness programs, operating system security, network security, incident handling, vulnerability analysis and policy development.
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