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Evading Detection a Beginner's Guide to Obfuscation by Anthony "Cx01N" Rose at DEF CON 29

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  • Evading Detection a Beginner's Guide to Obfuscation by Anthony "Cx01N" Rose at DEF CON 29

    Evading Detection a Beginner's Guide to Obfuscation
    Anthony "Cx01N" Rose

    Defenders are constantly adapting their security to counter new threats. Our mission is to identify how they plan on securing their systems and avoid being identified as a threat. This is a hands-on class to learn the methodology behind malware delivery and avoiding detection. This workshop explores the inner workings of Microsoft's Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI), Windows Defender, and Event Tracing for Windows (ETW). We will learn how to employ obfuscated malware using Visual Basic (VB), PowerShell, and C# to avoid Microsoft's defenses. Students will learn to build AMSI bypass techniques, obfuscate payloads from dynamic and static signature detection methods, and learn about alternative network evasion methods.

    In this workshop, we will:
    1. Understand the use and employment of obfuscation in red teaming.
    2. Demonstrate the concept of least obfuscation.
    3. Introduce Microsoft's Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI) and explain its importance.
    4. Demonstrate obfuscation methodology for .NET payloads.

    Prerequisites for students?:
    Basic level of PowerShell or C# experience.

    Materials or Equipment students will need to bring to participate?:
    • Laptop
    • VMWare or Virtual Box
    • Windows Dev machine or other Windows VM
    • Kali Linux VM

    What level of skill is required for your targeted audience (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)?:

    Trainer Bio(s)
    Anthony "Cx01N" Rose, CISSP, is the Lead Security Researcher at BC Security, where he specializes in adversary tactic emulation planning, Red and Blue Team operations, and embedded systems security. He has presented at numerous security conferences, including Black Hat, DEF CON, and RSA conferences. Cx01N is the author of various offensive security tools, including Empire and Starkiller, which he actively develops and maintains. He is recognized for his work, revealing wide-spread vulnerabilities in Bluetooth devices and is the co-author of a cybersecurity blog at

    Jake "Hubbl3" Krasnov is the Red Team Operations Lead at BC Security. He has spent the first half of his career as an Astronautical Engineer overseeing rocket modifications for the Air Force. He then moved into offensive security, running operational cyber testing for fighter aircraft and operating on a red team. Hubbl3 has presented at DEF CON, where he taught courses on offensive PowerShell and has been recognized by Microsoft for his discovery of a vulnerability in AMSI. Jake has authored numerous tools, including Invoke-PrintDemon and Invoke-ZeroLogon, and is the co-author of a cybersecurity blog at

    Vincent "Vinnybod" Rose is the Lead Tool Developer for Empire and Starkiller. He is a software engineer with expertise in cloud service and has over a decade of software development and networking experience. Recently, his focus has been on building ad-serving technologies, web and ad-tracking applications. Vinnybod has presented at Black Hat has taught courses at DEF CON on Red Teaming and Offensive PowerShell. He currently maintains a cybersecurity blog focused on offensive security at
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