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The Sh*%$ty Kitty Badge

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  • The Sh*%$ty Kitty Badge

    What started out as a simple SAO totem has morphed into somewhat of a hackable badge.
    This badge has a USB-C port connected to a battery changing circuit that is then connected to a 3v3 power supply. It can charge up a LiPo battery for many hours of SAO bling.
    There are two fully featured SAO 1.69bis ports. These ports not only include power for your SAOs, they each have an independent I2C bus and 2 independent GPIO pins that can also function as an USART.
    The ports are connected to an on-board STM32L151CCT6 ARM Cortex-M3 microprocessor. The microprocessor is connected to the USB-C port. In bootloader mode, activated by holding the BOOT0 button while turning on the badge; this will put it in DFU mode allowing you to reprogram the firmware. In normal mode it can be programmed to act as a USB serial port, simple HID device, or even a storage device.
    If you'd like to be able to debug, there is a TagConnect port allowing full SWD/JTAG functionality.
    We just sent this to manufacturing, so we're cutting it real close in terms of trying to get these done before DEF CON. We will be attending in person and will be happy to deliver the badges to people in person. Otherwise we are not sure if we can get them shipped to customers in time for the conference.
    While we wait for production we will be writing some base software that will come loaded on the badge. If time permits, we may include some puzzles and adventures inspired by the popular eChallenge Coins.
    Click image for larger version

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    Let me know what you think but be gentle, this is our first time doing something like this.

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    So much functionality is a lanyard-friendly package! Sweet!


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      That’s awesome, I’ll have to get one at the con!


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        let us know how to obtain in person!