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Workshop Registration Swap Thread for DEF CON 29

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  • Workshop Registration Swap Thread for DEF CON 29

    Have a workshop registration code you don't need anymore?

    Looking to trade for a workshop you want more than the one you have?

    Here is the thread to post what you have or what you want.

    PGP Key:

  • #2
    I have a Zero to Hero ticket for session that I got by mistake ( I needed Sunday's). This one is up for grabs.


    • pronightowl
      pronightowl commented
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      Unfortunately, I was completely shut out of all workshops so I can't offer you a Sunday ticket in exchange but I would be happy to take it if you are willing to part with it.

    • ImObiWan
      ImObiWan commented
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      If you still need to part with this I would love to have it.

  • #3
    I have a "Secure Messaging over Unsecured Transports" and would like to exchange it for an "Inspecting Signals from Satellites to Shock Collars."


    • #4
      I have a spot on Friday for the Joys of reverse engineering. I'm open if someone wants to trade for their incident response 101 and 102 on Friday


      • #5
        If anyone has a spot for the bug bounty hunting workshop, please let me know :)


        • mister yub
          mister yub commented
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          just kidding, I can no longer attend DEFCON :(

      • #6
        • Windows Internals
        • House of Heap Exploitation
        • The Joy of Reverse Engineering
        • Modern Malware Analysis for Threat Hunters
        • Evading Detection a Beginner's Guide to Obfuscation


        • #7
          Pls let me know if anyone has an extra ticket for Modern Malware Analysis. They were snapped up so fast, and would love to attend if someone can't make it!


          • #8
            Looking for a Windows Internals Friday slot if anyone cant make it, they went fast.


            • #9
              I have a zero to hero ticket. Looking for "Inspecting Signals from Satellites to Shock Collars".


              • #10
                To Transfer tickets: It is not possible to transfer a ticket from one account to another. Instead, you can edit your order information to put your ticket under someone else’s name and email address (if you see the option). This does not remove the ticket from your Eventbrite account, but the new attendee will receive an email prompting them to claim tickets when you save the change.

                Is this the process to transfer or just give the conformation number?


                • #11
                  I was out of town when tickets went up and missed out on everything it seems. I really wanted to go to "bug bounty hunting workshop" "From Zero to Hero in Web Security Research" and "Evading Detection a Beginner's Guide to Obfuscation" but would be happy to go to anything. It's my first defcon and I just want to learn anything I can while I'm there.


                  • pkill_discord
                    pkill_discord commented
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                    You can have my Zero to Hero and Evading Detection if you want

                  • ellieana24
                    ellieana24 commented
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                    if you dont want it KentSentVoltage can I have it?

                  • KentSentVoltage
                    KentSentVoltage commented
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                    Someone already gave me a zero to hero but thank you for the offer!

                • #12
                  I would like a:

                  Network Analysis with Wireshark - Jubilee 2


                  Digital Forensics and IR Against the Dark Arts - Las Vegas 5 & 6


                  • macks_p0w3r
                    macks_p0w3r commented
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                    I actually have both of these and can't make it, you can have them if you still need/want them.

                • #13
                  I have “from zero to hero in web security research” - looking for the Friday windows internals.


                  • #14
                    Unfortunately, I missed the boat on workshop registration. If anyone has an extra Windows Internals or Digital Forensics and IR code available, I would greatly appreciate it!


                    • #15
                      • Hacking the Metal: An Intro to Assembly Language Programming-Las Vegas 3&4 (Sat 10am)
                      • Evading Detection a Beginner's Guide to Obfuscation - Las Vegas 3 & 4 (Sat 3pm)
                      • Windows Internals - Jubilee 1 (Fri 3pm)

                      • Bug bounty Hunting Workshop - Las Vegas 1 & 2 (Sat 10am)
                      • Writing Golang Malware - Las Vegas 5 & 6 (Fri 3pm)


                      • patchd
                        patchd commented
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                        Small world!

                      • n3t1nv4d3
                        n3t1nv4d3 commented
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                        lol indeed it is, hope to see you there!