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Zebbler Encanti Experience - Saturday (Really Sunday early) - 00:00 - 01:00 - Ballys

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  • Zebbler Encanti Experience - Saturday (Really Sunday early) - 00:00 - 01:00 - Ballys

    Zebbler Encanti Experience

    Zebbler Encanti Experience (aka “ZEE”) is an audio/visual collaboration between video artist Zebbler and electronic music producer Encanti, based out of Boston, Massachusetts and Valencia, Spain. The Experience is an immersive performance of mapped visuals on three custom winged projection screens, synchronized with heavy peak-hour psychedelic bass music, resulting in the creation of a fantasy world for audiences to lose themselves in.

    Zebbler Encanti Experience released a critically-acclaimed EP, End Trance, on standout bass label Wakaan, coupled with a performance at the inaugural Wakaan Festival. Coming out of the pandemic, ZEE released Syncorswim on longtime label Gravitas Recordings, which is a full audio-visual album exploring the ambient, glitchy, and IDM side of the project. Beautiful natural visuals accompany gorgeous, synth-heavy grooves. This different perspective gives fans a whole new look at what an A/V project can be.

    ZEE have seen a considerable amount of road time in the last few years, serving as integral members of multiple tour teams. The architect behind the projection mapped projects for Shpongle and EOTO, and assisting with Infected Mushroom’s stage construction, Zebbler has toured the United States nonstop producing visual shows and performing as a VJ at hundreds of high profile events. In addition to ZEE performing as direct touring support for EOTO in venues throughout the country, and performing in the Shpongle Live band during their first few shows in the United States and final appearance at Red Rocks, Encanti has carved out some time to teach electronic music production to graduate students in the Valencia, Spain wing of Berklee College of Music.
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