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Creating a new DCG for Birmingham AL

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  • Creating a new DCG for Birmingham AL

    Friend and I would like to start a group in the Birmingham AL area, we know of none that exist, what are the necessary steps for us?

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    Follow these links

    Best regards


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      I would be interested! I'm not far from there, but not close enough to Huntsville to join that one. I have a couple of friends that might be interested as well.


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        I’m just gonna piggyback off this post…

        I’m also interested in creating a local group. (not in AL)

        On the template page; do you guys know what the photos are for? Photos of what? Of… us?… our logo?..


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          Editing a comment
          I'm assuming you are typing about this:

          I am not the authority on the purpose for these and acceptable content in them other that what was stated , but...

          Here are some assumptions and suggestions for likely purpose:

          I think it might be better to describe them as "graphic image files with resolution of...."

          They do not have to be a photo taken with a camera or phone. They could be created with your favorite graphic editing software or use an image taken with a camera.

          The sizes for the images are for placement in the listings like these images for DCG:

          And the smaller icons for a different listing of DCG to have an image to describe them.

          It is possible a "banner sized" image would also be request for some customization of the display of the group kind of like how these sub-forums have their own banners which differ from the top-level banner:

          I do not know why 6 "photos" are required or why the word photo was used instead of graphic image. To get answers to that and authoritative answers to the rest, you'll have to wait for someone in charge of DCG coordination or approval to answer.

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        Thank you very much number 6. That helps me better understand it.


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          Hi guys i am a newbie here, i am interested in learning hacking please if you know any online forums or community that could help me with that, you can reach out to me the comment section or send me a direct message.