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  • DEFCON MUD Now Virtual

    Hi Folks, the DEFCON MUD has gone virtual, with that in mind I'd like to post some contest information.

    DEFCON Is almost upon us. The event itself officially starts Thursday August 5th at 0800 Pacific Daylight Time. The results will be tallied and reported into the contest leads at 1100 AM to Noon on Sunday August the 8th.

    The funhouse will remain open after the results are tallied.

    We are planning multiple events on thursday, friday, and saturday which will all be worth points:
    • Worms in a mine
    • Laser Core
    • Fire Station
    • Funhouse Clown Hunt
    We will also be unlocking a number of quests, follow evilmog on twitter or watch us in the defcon discord as we will be announcing them on both of those platforms. There will also be random live streams where we may or may not drop flags

    For further information connect to port 4000 and type "help defcon", you can connect via any mud client, although Mudlet is preferred.

    Also I'd like to remind people that the grand prize is a Defcon 30 ticket. Also if you are way behind in the flag count, do not worry we will have multiple secondary prizes and methods of gaining flags.

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    CoreMUD Wiki for DECON: