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    Title: Empire

    Discord Channel: #dl-empire

    Location: In-person Demolab 2

    When: Fri 14:00 – 15:50

    Presenter(s): Vincent "Vinnybod" Rose, Anthony "Cx01N" Rose

    Abstract: Empire is a Command and Control (C2) framework powered by Python 3 that supports Windows, Linux, and macOS exploitation. It leverages many widely used offensive security tools through PowerShell, Python 3, and C# agents. At the same time, it offers cryptologically-secure communications and flexible modular architecture that links Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) through the MITRE ATT&CK database. Empire has evolved significantly since its introduction in 2015 and has become one of the most widely used open-source C2 platforms. Through this time, Empire has advanced from a single user experience to allowing multiple user operations through an API with Empire acting as a teamserver. Currently, 2 different applications are available to connect to the Empire teamserver: Empire Command Line Interface (CLI) and Starkiller. The Empire CLI is built from the ground up as a replacement to the embedded legacy CLI and gives users a familiar feel of the legacy CLI, but is portable and connects through the Empire API. While Starkiller is a cross-platform UI available in Linux, Windows, and macOS powered by ElectronJS. The framework's flexibility to easily incorporate new modules allows for a single solution for red team operations with the aim for Empire to provide an easy-to-use platform for emulating APTs. Customization is essential to any successful red team operation, which has driven the expansion of user plugins. These plugins allow any custom program to run side-by-side with the Empire teamserver. In addition, the commonality between other C2 platforms allows profiles and modules to be easily dropped in without the need for additional development. These features allow both red and blue teams to easily emulate and defend against the APT attack vectors.

    Audience: Offense


    Bio(s): Vincent "Vinnybod" Rose is the Lead Tool Developer for Empire and Starkiller. He is a software engineer with expertise in cloud service and has over a decade of software development and networking experience. Recently, his focus has been on building ad-serving technologies, web and ad-tracking applications. Vinnybod has presented at Black Hat has taught courses at DEF CON on Red Teaming and Offensive PowerShell. He currently maintains a cybersecurity blog focused on offensive security at

    Anthony "Cx01N" Rose, CISSP, is the Lead Security Researcher at BC Security, where he specializes in adversary tactic emulation planning, Red and Blue Team operations, and embedded systems security. He has presented at numerous security conferences, including Black Hat, DEF CON, and RSA conferences. Cx01N is the author of various offensive security tools, including Empire and Starkiller, which he actively develops and maintains. He is recognized for his work, revealing wide-spread vulnerabilities in Bluetooth devices and is the co-author of a cybersecurity blog at