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    Title: Git Wild Hunt A tool for hunting leaked credentials

    Discord Channel: #dl-git-wild-hunt

    Location: In-person Demolab 2

    When: Sat 12:00 – 13:50

    Presenter(s): Rod Soto @rodsoto, José Hernandez @d1vious

    Abstract: Git Wild Hunt is a tool designed to search and identify leaked credentials at public repositories such as Github. Git Wild Hunt searches for footprints and patterns of over 30 of the most used secrets/credentials on the internet, especially those used in Devops and IT Operations. This tool helps developers and security operation departments discover leaked credentials in public repositories. This tool is also a recon tool for red teamers and pentesters, as it also provides metadata from leaks such as usernames, company names, secret types and dates.

    Audience: Offense, Vulnerability Assessment


    Bio(s): Rod - Principal Security Research Engineer at Splunk. Worked at Prolexic Technologies (now Akamai), and Caspida. Cofounder of Hackmiami and Pacific Hackers meetups and conferences. Creator of Kommand && KonTroll / NoQrtr-CTF.

    Jose - Principal Security Researcher at Splunk. He started his professional career at Prolexic Technologies (now Akamai), fighting DDOS attacks against Fortune 100 companies perpetrated by “anonymous” and “lulzsec.” As an engineering co-founder of Zenedge Inc. (acquired by Oracle Inc.), José helped build technologies to fight bots and web-application attacks. He has also built security operation centers and run a public threat-intelligence service.