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    Title: reNgine: An automated reconnaissance engine(framework)

    Discord Channel: #dl-rengine

    Location: virtual Video 1

    When: Sun 10:00 – 11:50

    Presenter(s): Yogesh Ojha

    Abstract: reNgine is an automated reconnaissance engine(framework) that is capable of performing end-to-end reconnaissance with the help of highly configurable scan engines on web application targets. reNgine makes use of various open-source tools and makes a highly configurable pipeline of reconnaissance to gather the recon result.reNgine also makes it possible for users to choose the tools they desire while following the same reconnaissance pipeline, example - with reNgine you aren't limited to using sublist3r for subdomains discovery, rather reNgine allows you to combine multiple tools like sublist3r, subfinder, assetfinder, and easily integrate them into your reconnaissance pipeline. The reconnaissance results are then displayed in a beautiful and structured UI after performing the co-relation in the results produced by these various tools. The developers behind reNgine understand that recon result most often is overwhelming due to the humongous data, so that’s why reNgine also comes with advanced query lookup using natural language operators like and, or and not. Imagine, doing recon on and filtering the results like http_status!404&page_title=admin|page_title=dashbo ard&content_length>0&tech=phporseverity=critical|s everity=high&vulnerability_titl e=xss|vulerability_title=cve-1234-xxxxreNgine’s flexibility to easily incorporate any existing open-source tools and with advanced features like configurable scan engines, parallel scans, advanced query lookup on recon results, instant notification about the scan, scheduled scans, etc, separates reNgine from any other recon frameworks. reNgine can be used for both reconnaissances and actively monitoring the targets. Upcoming Features Demo on reNgine: 1. Scan Comparision 2. OSINT 3. Scan Visualisation 4. Proxy Support 5. Interesting Subdomains and URLs etc.

    Audience: Offence and Defence on Web application Security.