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  • About the Demo

    Title: Tracee

    Discord Channel: #dl-tracee

    Location: virtual Video 1

    When: Sat 12:00 – 13:50

    Presenter(s): Yaniv Agman, Roi Kol

    Abstract: Linux Runtime Security and Forensics using eBPF

    Audience: Defense


    Bio(s): Yaniv Agman is a Security Researcher at Aqua Security. He specializes in low-level Linux instrumentation technologies to perform dynamic analysis on Linux containers and systems. He is currently completing his Master's thesis in cyber security at BGU on detecting Android malware with eBPF technology. While not in front of a computer screen, he likes watching Sci-Fi movies and playing with his kids.

    Roi is a Security Researcher at Aqua Security. His work focuses on researching threats in the cloud native world. When not at work, Roi is a B.A. student in Computer Science at the Open University. He also enjoys going out into nature and spending time with family and friends.