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BIC Village Badge 2021

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  • BIC Village Badge 2021

    Hi Everyone!


    Created by: @socks

    Our village badge will present the names of the men and women of the Black Community affected by police violence and social injustice. Each badge will have the standard name format ( First - Last) and scroll across the screen. A new name will be added as the badge comes near other badges. The game embedded into the badge is to collect all the names; there are 4 special names that are on 4 different badges, so the goal is to be within 3ft and meet other wearers of the BIC Badge, you will know that you have all the names because the names will stop changing. The badge is white in honor of the traditional color of mourning in the Black Communities of the deep south. This badge is a digital memorial of those lost and we honor and preserve their memory with our village badge.


    FRONT :

    - Flexible 2.9in E-PAPER Display

    BACK :

    - SAO Badge Port

    - 5 way directional Switch Battery (JST- Port)

    - ESP-12E

    - Off and On Switch

    How To Get One:

    To obtain one swing by the BIC Village, badge registration: First Come First Served!