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DEF CON Scavenger Hunt FAQ

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  • DEF CON Scavenger Hunt FAQ

    Q: Where is the DEF CON Scavenger Hunt located?
    A: In the contest area in person and in the #ce-defcon-scavenger-hunt-text channel on the DEF CON Discord.

    Q: What hours is the DEF CON Scavenger Hunt open?
    A: 10:00-21:00 Friday & Saturday and 10:00-12:00 Sunday. The list drops at ~10:00 on Friday and submissions must be in by noon on Sunday.

    Q: How many people can compete as a team?
    A: While in past years we have had teams of five compete, both in person and virtual will be limited to one person teams. If you are competing virtually you must have your name on Discord visible in all pictures and videos submitted. If you are competing in person, please state your handle or team name and then item number before turning in a submission.

    Q: Are there prizes?
    A: Yes, the top three teams between the combined in-person and online competitors will receive prizes. We aren't the best at shipping, expect to pick things up in-person next year if competing online.

    Q: Can I get a black badge for playing this game?
    A: We don't know; historically it is very rare for the DEF CON Scavenger Hunt to be issued a black badge. You should do something because you enjoy it, not for a carrot dangled in front of you.

    Q: I need an adult; do you know where I can find one?
    A: Not our problem.

    Q: What happens if I break the law while competing in your game?
    A: We’re not cops, but we’re also not liable for any arrests, injuries, burns, maiming, scaring, sexually transmitted diseases, foreign conflicts, frost bite, scurvy, or any other liability that may and likely will be experienced during the hunt.

    Q: Is this the information booth?
    A: No, but we will happily provide you with inaccurate information should you ask us questions better suited for the info booth.