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TeleChallenge '21 FINAL SCORES!

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  • TeleChallenge '21 FINAL SCORES!


    WINNER/First Place:
    ET Pwn Phone – 0 audit findings – 41 hours on the phone.

    Second Place, tied:
    ANI Killerz – 5 audit findings – 44 hours on the phone.
    Mrs Bigglesworth Home for Wayward Youth – 5 audit findings – 27 hours on the phone.

    Third Place, tied:
    Foxbox Dialling Services – 7 audit findings – 25 hours on the phone.

    Honorable Mentions:
    Rando Phone Number ending in 689 – 8 audit findings – 8 hours on the phone.
    DTMF Cat Girls – 22 hours on the phone.
    Glacial People – 13 hours on the phone.

    TeleChallenge ‘21 had a total of 109 teams play, 6982 total calls, and 163 total hours on the phone.

    Everyone on the TeleChallenge team, from every department, wants to thank you, our players. We hope you liked Chip’s AMAZING company, Dumpstrovia, and I know he thanks you for keeping it alive! Have some stock options^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hpost-it notes!

    Our operators thank the players for being great this year! We got visits from what-you-see-now-is-happening-now Intern, past Intern, and even future Intern. That’s way more Intern that we ever expected!

    Again, thanks for playing the TeleChallenge. I’m the designer and I’m part of the three person TeleChallenge team including TProphet and licutis.

    A lot of people helped out to make TeleChallenge possible.
    A sincere Thank You all the following people and organizations …

    DEFCON for providing an amazing and "challenging" venue that bring events like the TeleChallenge to reality. for their generous donation of voip minutes. If you’re in the market for bulk VOIP termination, look them up.
    Grifter and staff, and contest ops for your support and tolerance of our brand of crazy.
    Dark Tangent, sincerely, thank you for the chance for TeleChallenge to shine in a “half-upside down” year.
    Pinguino, again, you never fail to impress us with you graphics arts work. Dumpstrovia!

    The ninjas for help with voicework, thanks a lot guys.
    Ch0l0man for everything you do to make our party possible.
    The goons for helping us out, thanks goons!
    All of our voice talent .. over 75 people lent their voices to the TeleChallenge this year all at the last minute. Thank you so very much.

    And, of course,
    Our operations, engineering, and operator teams. These people are the unsung heros of TeleChallenge, working around to clock to keep things going, even in the face of multiple Czechoslovakian PBX fires in the datacenter. They tell me the PBX controller card is still lit up with a "backwards R" in green. They say they think that's "good?"

    Expect a whole new TeleChallenge next year. See you then!

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