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  • Props to DC29 participants / feedback

    I’m really not sure where a better place to throw this is, so here we go. I NEED to call out some general props for the amazing people that make this event happen, because DEFCON doesn’t just magically show up without the help of a LOT of hard-working people.

    I spent 7 days at Hacker Summer Camp this year, culminating in my all-time favorite event, DEFCON (I lost my voice just before or I’d have yelled just fine at DC). I’ve been a time or twenty before, but I must say, this was one of my favorites, truly, and I heard that again and again. Less people, but everyone there really was COMMITTED to being there. I’d like to offer some observations and thanks, and I invite y’all to add your own positives and thanks!

    1) This was an event thrown in the era of 2020-2021 COVID insanity. Hotel policies literally changed daily. Serious props for DT and crew taking a stand and saying (my interpretation), “hey, on behalf of the community, we operate the safest possible event by requiring proof of vaccination and still wearing masks anyways. Fuck your laws.” This turned out to be outright prescient in retrospect.

    2) I appreciated seeing all the love given to those that couldn’t attend. I logged into Discord for a bit, and found people having a blast. Maybe not the same as being there, but I was glad that we gave more than a half-assed consideration to the community. Virtual attendees were NOT second-class citizens at DEFCON. Other cons of varying kinds are now emulating this, lol. Btw, Pool Party 1: y’all were awesome!

    3) Goons! Holy hell, I love y’all dearly and you impress me more and more every year, and DC29 was no exception. Y’all set a very, very high bar this year. I’ve never seen so much inclusion, love, and professionalism towards our community as you showed this year. Even as things fell, oatmeal-filled pools showed up, radios jammed, shenanigans ensued, and especially when people have trouble connecting and fitting in, y’all were truly there for the community this year, and as always, killing yourselves to do so. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I appreciate the fuck out of y’all.

    4) C&E: Holy crap. I’ve lived the C&E life — ran a contest for several years at one point, but this year I spent half of my con time just being a wide-eyed participant and talking with all of you and learning more about your passions. Sea-CTF? The video game teaching hacking skills? How the Scavenger Hunt balances a hybrid audience? The list goes on! Y’all were amazing. Clearly C&E at large outperformed this year— y’all were AMAZING! I learned a lot, and found a couple of ways to help connect folks towards increased success.

    5) This one might be a little silly, but hey, I dare ya to call me wrong. I’ve never seen DT relax at a con this much in the past two decades. Y’all have to keep in mind, that when something needs doing and no one else can/will do it, he’s there. If there’s a risk, he is there. If I need his help at 11pm to make a contest succeed, HE IS THERE. DT is the kind of guy that will always kill himself to prevent any DEFCON participant from experiencing that failure. He is ALWAYS willing to put fires out and improve our time at con, often to the detriment of his own. I’ve seen him sit in a room with me for hours packaging stuff up to make sure something tomorrow goes well. And clearly I’m not speaking for DT, but I got to see him relax with friends a couple of times this year. I heard stories of him being able to relax and socialize and meet new people, so it’s not just me. I think this speaks to the quality of leadership and volunteers we now have, and to those that help to enable this, my hat is off to you. Jeff: I think amazing planning helps, too, and I always appreciate what you’ve done to draw us together, and obviously this year you planned very, very well, sir. My props, congrats, and heartfelt thanks. We had an amazing con, thanks to you and your extended team.

    Amazing DC29, and I can’t wait to spend time with y’all again for DC30. DC30 is going to be EPIC— a great time for all of us to pull out all the stops and show what’s possible. Some of us have planned the last several years for DC30, hehe.



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    You are right, an amazing team of Goons and content creators made for a fantastic year for me.

    I keep orbiting, on the move, all day looking for squeeky wheels and this year there were very few. I actually had a very chill con! It was great. I feel like we were lucky and pulled it off with all the hard work and great support.
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