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idea for better Organizing and cataloging the archives

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  • idea for better Organizing and cataloging the archives

    Hello, i think this is a great project and been using it for a while now. i thought the project might benefit greatly by another project i been watching closely from golem project. what do you think of it? i think its a good way to organizing and cataloging the archive also a way to grow it.

    am willing to work on this. if there is anybody else how's interested in this please let know.
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    Originally posted by BBHN View Post
    Hello, i think this is a great project and been using it for a while now. i thought the project might benefit greatly by another project i been watching closely
    Lacking specifics, your post is identical in format to spam, which promotes websites to try to optimize SEO through search engines. The general format for such spam includes general comment about how the product or service can help with "$somsething" but no specifics to compare what is suffering with how the product or service would actually improve it.

    Right now, it looks more like spam than a genuine suggestion for improvement. Original post altered by me to remove link and product name, and remove incentive if it is spam.

    Let's test it... How would this product help, specifically, without buzzwords, or generic descriptions available from the website? In what way would this help organizing more than it is organized right now? What problems exist with the origanizaton of content which would be improved with this product or service. If the claim is "it makes content available in the cloud" then how is that any different from other services that offer the same?


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      My apologies i will specify further. Please be aware am not affiliated with the suggested product in anyway, the only reason i suggested this project is b/c of it's use case.

      Improvement am suggesting

      - ability to search for a specific content or content categories e.g search keyword might be 'attack vector', 'speaker name', 'target type (Car, IOT, SCADA)' in the Cons category
      which show a result of those talks. i.e categorization of content in multiple name or tag.

      - decentralized infrastructure which allow infocon to grow further by allowing voluntaries to share there hardware dedicated or part time based on availability to transcode, stream or for collection based on there preference.

      - learning path i.e if a user want to learn a specific topic, resource suggestions based on user generated tag or comments

      Currently the site is organized in 7 main categories. if we decided to use the suggested product we will be able to achieve at least two of the improvement am suggesting without touching the base file hierarchy it's currently using.


      - cons/
      - 2600/
      - "Con Year"
      - "Video"
      @'buffer overflow' @'Memory Corruption' @'heap overflow' @'Speaker ABC'
      - 44Con/
      - "Con Year"
      - "Video"
      @'social engineering ' @'SMS Phishing' @'Speaker DEF'

      - ACK ... /
      - "Con Year"
      - "Video"
      @'buffer overflow' @'Memory Corruption' @'heap overflow' @'Speaker ABC'

      - documentaries/
      - mirrors/
      - podcasts/
      - rainbow tables/
      - skills/
      - word lists/

      Search for buffer overflow Attacks will show the once tagged as such. either way the possibilities are there to grow both the content and user engagement. Please let me know what you think?


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      Sorry for the late reply BBHN I like the idea of better searchability.

      I read a bit about the wildland, and I'll keep an eye on it, but it is too fresh to go all in on at this point.

      What I plan to do, and need help with, is figuring out the best directory structure and file name scheme for creating video sitemaps that Google and Bing and others will consume and index.

      I've started to experiment, I'm curious if the sub-directory name influences results.

      Is /2600/hope/my-talk.mp4 indexed differently than

      I want to keep file names shorter (first example) and have the conference name embedded in the metadata of the .mp4 file.

      If anyone has experience with video sitemaps please speak up!
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