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    I was just currious if anyone on here is into satellite stuff at all. Not the "oooh i wanna get free hbo" type stuff, but really understanding the different encryption methods. Im kind of a noob when it comes to most encryption standards, but i have a decent grasp of nagravision.

    Anyways, just wondering if anyone here knows anything about sattelite encryption technology and would like to share some info.

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    I'm finishing my antenna and I'll have the opportunity to get interested in it afterwards. I'm up for advice. An idea to recover a cheap sdr receiver transmitter?


    • The Dark Tangent
      The Dark Tangent commented
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      What does "recover" an SDR mean? Like repair one?

    • Drekyyy23
      Drekyyy23 commented
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      Like use an tv card who's use for some all ine one comptuter, i'don't know if that is possible ?

    • p1nk
      p1nk commented
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      What type of antenna are you building?