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Television program title inquiry

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  • Television program title inquiry

    In reference to the other television program postings there are some websites that can match one of the scenes. Tv tropes and Lockpicking Lockwiki have examples of lockpicking scenarios for films and television shows. For the other scenes they may be there in the Tv tropes for other situations that occur during the television program. To call this a lost work is seemingly impossible, looking for a form of media and only relying on third party sources, individuals, or one's self seems kind of dangerous if the information is possibly insufficient. In one scene there is a woman in a red dress with blond hair and is Caucasian is sitting cross legged, alone in a pitch black room vanishes into thin air while moaning. The woman in the red dress could have been a ghost or apparition or simply vanished. In the next scene a man uses lockpicks on a keychain to unlock a door while standing next to another woman that is panicking. The actor lockpicking the door's name is Harry and the woman panicking is Susan. Eventually they get through the door and leave the room as the room was getting darker and closing in on them. In the third scene a man with shades gives a woman with shades a weapon and in the room are racks of weapons and a light green hue to the room. In the end credits a woman is speaking in a warehouse as the end credits roll to a man and there is a skyscraper overlooking the warehouse in the background. The television program could be a television show, movie, or television movie. It could be American and the genre is sci fi, horror, and thriller. I saw the television program on possibly Aug 16 and definitely in 2012 or 2013. It was around 2:32pm in the afternoon and it was possibly on channel 58 on the sci fi network.