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  • Black Hat media server

    While working through some errors detected by the bad link checker for InfoconDB, I noticed that was down. The archives pages for BH 2010-2013 (and maybe others) reference this server for all whitepaper, slides, code, and videos. I reached out to BH and they replied today. I thought you'd be interested in the response:

    Apologies for the delayed response to you questions about the old Black Hat media server. The short answer is “no” – we will not be bringing that server back online.

    Longer answer: That server was an old standalone machine that taken offline about 4 years ago. All files from that server were supposed to have been migrated to our new servers, and most were. However, in attempting to link everything back up, we did find that a number of the older files were either missing or corrupted. We have been slowly adding missing files back where possible but given the age of some of the files, it’s quite an undertaking.

    So, what I can say at this point is that if there are a few specific files you are looking for, you can send those to me and we can focus on trying to find those. If you’re looking for complete event files by year, I honestly don’t know when or even if we’ll be able to restore all of those. So, feel free to email me directly if you have any other questions and/or specific requests.
    If you've got this media stashed away somewhere, you might want to add it to the archives. And it might be worth it to archive slides/whitepapers/code for other BH cons as a good backup.

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    Thanks for the update tecknicaltom

    I'll look through my archives, and what I have left to add for Black Hat are some audio recordings of early talks, as well as needing to rename talks to include speaker names.

    What do you see missing and maybe I can find them?
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