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B.I.C.=Blacks in Cybersecurity Village returns for DEF CON 30

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  • B.I.C.=Blacks in Cybersecurity Village returns for DEF CON 30

    Blacks In Cybersecurity (B.I.C) Village
    PAST FORUM (not for this year:) DC29 Forum:
    Returning for DC 30!
    Icon or Logo for BIC Village

    The Blacks In Cybersecurity (BIC) Village seeks to bring culturally diverse perspectives to the holistic Cybersecurity community; by way of a series of talks and a capture the flag event.

    In providing these activities, we believe that we can normalize the discussion of deficiency and prejudices in Cybersecurity literacy, education and development that ultimately impact the progress and development of the field.

    Our village programming is also designed to highlight Black experiences, innovations in the field, Black culture and Black history which is designed to encourage more diverse hobbyists and professionals to engage and contribute to this conference and the greater Cybersecurity and Hacker/Maker communities.
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