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DC11396 Rome Meets November 5 on Zoom!

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  • DC11396 Rome Meets November 5 on Zoom!

    New virtual meeting in sight!

    The Static Road to Malware Dissection: the lost art of static analysis by @cristianrichi3

    Malware analysis is the process of dissecting malicious software and understanding its behavior to stop its spread as soon as possible. Various techniques and tools can be used in the process, but the static analysis is the funniest among reverse engineering fanatics and the most enlightening to improve our analysis skills. In this live session, we will dissect an educational malware to show how to obtain information about its behavior using static analysis and IDA python scripting.

    In this live session, we will dissect malware together!

    Join us on 5th November, 6PM CEST on Zoom

    information here:

    .ics reminder file: DC11396 Rome Zoom November Meeting.ics
    November 5, 2021 18:00
    November 5, 2021 20:00
DC11396 Rome, Italy

About this Group

Location: Rome, Italy

Point of Contact: Andrea Fioraldi

POC Email:


DC11396 Meets: Our meetings are every last Friday of the month at 5 p.m.

The location is the auditorium of the department of engineering for computer science of Sapienza, University of Rome (DIAG). Meetings are announced on twitter.

Language: Italian, English

Description: The group started in August 2018 from an initiative of some members of the TheRomanXpl0it CTF team. It is formed mainly by students of Sapienza University of Rome. Andrea (malweisse), Luigi (rop2bash) and Pietro (anticlockwise) run the meetings and manage the pull requests to the website.

Projects: We propose some binary exploitation labs to the members of the group
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