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The BioHacking Village at DEF CON 30

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  • The BioHacking Village at DEF CON 30

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    Growing from seeds of demand, the Biohacking Village emerged at DEF CON to deliver action-oriented reinvention of the safety and security of health care. THE BIOHACKING VILLAGE, a 501(c)3 organization, is uniquely poised to inform global conversations in health care cybersecurity research. Representing voices who see ‘code’ as genetics, ‘subroutines’ as organic processes, and ‘programs’ as life itself the BHV has grown to become an expansive and inclusive, hands-on playground for the entire biomedical ecosystem - patients, clinicians, hackers, manufacturers, regulators, hospital administrators, and others seeking healthier futures through meaningful technology. This nimble community delivers hands-on, strident learning labs to influence in health care, industry, and manufacturing.

    We bring the biomedical ecosystem to DEF CON in five ways:
    DEVICE LAB: The highly-collaborative environment builds health care, connecting security researchers, manufacturers, clinicians, and regulators, to learn from each other and develop skills, codifying best practices and paths for high fidelity cyber safety.

    SPEAKER LAB: Speakers foster critical thinking, problem solving, human interaction literacy, ethics debates, creativity, and collaboration. Subject matter experts and researchers share the future of their research, reflecting the biological technologies and emerging threats.

    CATALYST LAB: Providing interaction with thought leaders from the medical device and citizen science communities through training and hands-on workshops and solutions design, to cover the entirety of the biomedical device and security ecosystem.

    CAPTURE THE FLAG: Featuring the virtual learning environment of St. Elvis Hospital, the CTF offers protocol, regulatory, and biological challenges to access and assess vulnerabilities in real devices.

    TABLE TOP EXERCISES: Discussion-based sessions of increasing complexity and difficulty regarding vulnerabilities in a series of Machiavellian healthcare industry scenarios.
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