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  • Using VMWARE

    Just posting this out.

    I have been running an experiement on using Vmware as a ghost system.

    Here is what I have been doing.

    I load up vmware and install windows 2000 server unpatched
    for the session. I then assign a public IP to the session.

    But on the same system I am running a live web server and DNS server with NAT.

    I have seen the windows 2000 server get owned at least 3 times a week. But I also have a script that will restart a fresh session if it crashes.

    So far this has been a really good deterant from my other systems.
    I have noticed that my webserver and DNS server have reduced in the amount of scans and attempts to access it.

    Just wondering if anyone else has tried this.
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    nope, never tried that specifically. I use Chroot and UML which *kinda* does the same thing (along the same lines of what you're trying to do).
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      I have run multiple VM's with real world IP's while hiding my main box by Nating behind their real world Ip's life is good...
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        linux gazette has an semi-intresting article on vmware, not that it fits this thread that much i just like to plug linux gazette and it may be of some intrest