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defcoin bounties for defcoin related software development

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  • defcoin bounties for defcoin related software development

    Do you have any ideas to see the defcon cryptocurrency, defcoin, used creatively and more actively?

    I'm sitting on upwards of one million (1,000,000) DFC (defcoin) and willing to divvy it out to anyone who can implement new and creative uses for the token.

    Historically there's been a preference in the community to keep the coin not associated directly with any financial transactions so ideas along that line are best.

    Am particularly looking for people with skills to put together working mobile, desktop or web apps.

    The community really needs some core code developers at this time also to update litecoin's current code base with the few tweaks that makes Defcoin not litecoin.

    If you are interested in crypto and want to contribute to defcoin's future -- DM or reply and we can chat about the rewards in Defcoins that I can offer.