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  • Ip Spoofing

    Where can I find online info relavant to IP Spoofing? REAL INFO (Tutorial if possible, no books pls, I can't afford 'em)

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    Try and use the search function in the upper right hand corner. Run before you get flamed.
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      Dear penguin, I guess you missed the "REAL INFO!" part.


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        Originally posted by PulsAr
        Dear penguin, I guess you missed the "REAL INFO!" part.
        Now, please play nice. I also will respond that google will hold the answers to your questions, IP spoofing is listed on there alot, as far as this REAL INFO....the internet should have some info on spoofing your ip, I also have seen several....progys...that allow you to do what you are asking about.
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          The following may be of interesting reading to you:

          Decent intro to:

          Pretty decent explanation:

          IP Masquerading:

          From the IPChains perspective:

          All of which are easily obtainable via google.. search strings such as 'ip spoofing intro', 'ip spoofing explained', or simply 'ip spoofing'

          If all else fails, may be able to help some. Yes, RFCs have been known to cause mild bloating, dry mouth, and thoughts of sugar plumbs dancing in your head...
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            Thnk u all.