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  • Trace Labs OSINT Search Party CTF

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    The Trace Labs Search Party CTF is a non theoretical, gamified effort that allows for the crowdsourcing of contestants to perform a single task: Conduct open source intelligence operations to help find missing persons

    You can have teams of 1-4 people, 4 person teams provide many benefits which include the coaching of more junior members. Often a great learning opportunity if you are able to pair up with OSINT veterans. Get your team together and join us in our Discord group to get started here:

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    One of our first posts:
    • We will be live at DC30!!
    • Can you believe it'll be 3 years since we were last live at DC?
    • Expect some fun custom swag items as well as at least one contest aside from the CTF featuring custom prizes
    • We haven't worked out how the actual CTF will work yet (Completely In Person, Virtual or some hybrid approach).
    • As soon as we've worked out how the CTF will run we'll be sharing those details within our Discord server and will make every attempt to also share them here.


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      "Brace yourselves....DEF CON announcements are coming....."

      Expect more information to drop over the course of today. First, we wanted to get this out there:

      Our DEF CON Search Party CTF is currently scheduled to run from 10:30am to 2:30pm Las Vegas time.

      Our Call for Judges is now open!

      Our Search Party CTFs only work because people out in the community volunteer their time to vet the intel coming in during the event. If you're note sure about competing or if you're brand new to OSINT you can still contribute to the mission.

      Judging in our events is also a great way to learn new OSINT skills and network with others in the community. As a judge, you would be verifying the intelligence that our teams submit in real time in order to allocate points and filter out the best intelligence around the cases we'll be working that day.

      If you're interested, please start by filling out this form:


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        As promised, here are some more detailed updates around DEF CON:

        And for the CTF specifically:

        As changes happen or more information becomes concrete we'll be updating these pages and will try to drop big announcements here. A few big bullet points from the linked pages above:
        • The CTF is free. However, in-person contestants will have access to the ticket pool before the virtual attendees will. More details can be found on the CTF page linked above
        • We're trying to organize some kind of a community meet. Regardless, we'll be there and we can't wait to see you.
        • Bringing some sweet swag. Did someone say stickers?
        • Other contests. If we come up with other fun ways to engage the community and give away prizes we'll be sure to share. No promises though


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          DEF CON is approaching quickly. We've been working behind the scenes to keep the CTF fun, engaging and beneficial. In that spirit, we've made some changes to the Categories and Flags of the CTFs. You can find all the details here:


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            Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	0 Size:	50.7 KB ID:	243166
            This is our schedule for Saturday, Aug 13th. This translates to STARTING at 10:30AM Local DEFCON Time, about 30 minutes after contest area opens at 10.

            Signups: In person on Friday, from when contest area opens (about 10AM) to when it closes (6pm?). Virtual tickets will be via Eventbrite on "Friday Evening DEFCON Time".