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pTFS Presents: Mayhem Industries – Outside the Box

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  • pTFS Presents: Mayhem Industries – Outside the Box

    Twitter: @Mayhem_Ind
    Forum users running this:
    * d15c0
    * pTFS

    pTFS is a hacker collective that has been competing in various DEF CON contests for almost 15 years.

    Outside the Box is a fun and interactive jeopardy style CTF contest. Don't worry if you don't know what that means. Winning will require demonstrating a wide range of hacking skills, but participating is encouraged for all ability levels. Challenges range from simple puzzles, to challenging crypto problems, to truly outside the box hijinks.

    Mayhem Industries, a big multinational corporation, runs energy extraction and private military contracting all over the world. Our game begins with a tip that they're Up To Something on an oil rig in the Black Sea off the coast of Egypt. But what are they up to? How do you even hack an oil rig? Is this box with flashing light, exposed ports, and locked doors and ancient relic or of some extraterrestrial origin‽ Join us at DEF CON 30 to find out.

    Fk Gl Hlnvgsrmt
    Click image for larger version  Name:	iotbox.png Views:	306 Size:	674.0 KB ID:	240989

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