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    [Logo/Image may be coming soon]


    What happens when you take an ACM style programming contest, smash it head long into a drinking game, throw in a mix of our most distracting helpers, then shove the resulting chaos incarnate onto a stage? You get the contest known as Crash and Compile.

    Teams are given programming challenges and have to solve them with code. If your code fails to compile? Take a drink. Segfault? Take a drink. Did your code fail to produce the correct answer when you ran it? Take a drink. We set you against the clock and the other teams. And because our "Team Distraction" think watching people simply code is boring, they have taken it upon themselves to be creative in hindering you from programming, much to the enjoyment of the audience. At the end of the night, one team will have proven their ability, and walk away with the coveted Crash and Compile trophy.

    Crash and Compile is looking for the top programmers to test their skills in our contest. Can you complete our challenges? Can you do so with style that sets your team ahead of the others? To play our game you must first complete our qualifying round. Gather your team and see if you have the coding chops to secure your place as one of the top teams to move on to the main contest.

    Qualifications for Crash and Compile will take place Friday from 10am to 3pm online at You may have up to two people per team. (Having two people on a team is highly suggested) Of the qualifiers, nine teams will move on to compete head to head on the contest stage.
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    Have some interesting things planned this year. Excite!
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      Lets do this thing.
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