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DEF CON 30 Chess Tournament

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  • DEF CON 30 Chess Tournament

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    DEF CON 30 Chess Tournament

    Chess, computers, and hacking. In the 18th century, the Mechanical Turk appeared to play a good game, but there was a human ghost in the shell. Some of the first computer software was written to play chess. In 1997, world champion Garry Kasparov lost to Deep Blue, but he accused IBM of cheating, alleging that only a rival grandmaster could make certain moves.

    At DEF CON 30, we will run a human chess tournament with a “blitz” time control of 5 minutes on each player’s clock, in a Swiss-system format. In each round, match pairings are based on similar running scores. Everyone plays the full tournament, and the winner has the highest aggregate score.

    The Las Vegas Chess Center (LVCC) will manage the tournament. To help crown the best chess player at DEF CON 30, we will register the rated players first.

    Saturday – Room 133 Forum
    15:00 Sign up
    15:30 Tournament Start
    17:30 Tournament End
    In person only.
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