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    Want to block those pesky 5G microchips coursing through your vaccinated body? Were you hacking back against Putin, and need to hide? Or do those alien mind control rays just have you down lately? Fear not, for we here at the Tin Foil Hat contest have your back for all of these! Come find us in the contest area, and we'll have you build a tin foil hat which is guaranteed to provide top quality protection for your noggin. How you ask? SCIENCE!

    Show us your skills by building a tin foil hat to shield your subversive thoughts, then test it out for effectiveness.

    There are 2 categories: stock and unlimited. The hat in each category that causes the most signal attenuation will receive the "Substance" award for that category. We all know that hacker culture is all about looking good, though, so a single winner will be selected from each category for "Style".