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Sometimes you have to ask - Question about a van

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  • Sometimes you have to ask - Question about a van

    Hi everyone. A bunch of people know me here. If you don't, I am tommEE pickles and I live in New Orleans. I have been coming to Defcon for 25 years. I ran the Defcon Cannonball Run, spoke twice, vended tshirts and threw some parties,

    I am need of some help. My van needs repairs. The transmission needs to be rebuilt and I am not finding many worthy mechanics in my area. I have been quoted $4500 for something that should be half that or less.

    I am in need of someone who knows about the transmission of a 01 Ford E350XL, or knows someone who does. I am trying to drive out for Defcon 30. I don't know if I am working any parties but I know I would love to see my friends.

    I know the transmission is a 4r100 and a lot of shops are trying me to get a Jasper.

    videos about me and my van are at nvanish

    Thank you,

    tommEE pickles
    tommEE pickles

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    ooh , new video
    tommEE pickles