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Rich - Introduction to Software Defined Radios and RF Hacking

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  • Rich - Introduction to Software Defined Radios and RF Hacking


    Thursday from 1400 to 1800
    EventBrite Link:

    This class is a beginner's introduction to practical Software Defined Radio (SDR) applications and development with an emphasis on hands-on learning. If you have ever been curious about the invisible world of radio waves and signals all around you, but didn’t know where to begin, then this workshop is for you. Students can expect to learn about basic RF theory and SDR architecture before moving on to hands-on development with real radios. The instructor will guide students through progressively more complicated RF concepts and waveforms, culminating in a small capstone exercise. For this workshop, you must provide your own laptop and SDR. You can either purchase a RTL-SDR dongle kit which includes an antenna, small tripod, and a receive-only USB SDR for this class beforehand and bring it to the conference, or use a commercial SDR you already own. VMs will be made available to students to download before class, along with an OS setup guide for those that prefer a bare-metal install. The VM/OS will have all the required drivers and frameworks to interface with the radio hardware. My intent for this class is to lower the barrier of entry associated with RF topics, and for that reason I would like to emphasize that the workshop is geared toward complete beginner students with no prior experience working with SDRs; DEF CON attendees who already have experience with SDRs will likely find this course too simple.

    Skill Level: Beginner
    Materials Needed: Students will need to come with the following:
    A laptop capable of running an Ubuntu VM (or an install of Ubuntu). The VM/OS installation guide will be given out before Defcon. Digital Signals Processing is typically very computationally intensive, so I recommend a laptop with a 4 core processor and 8GB of RAM.

    A Software Defined Radio, as this workshop is bring-your-own-device. I highly recommend a RTL2832 chip based kit that comes with a USB-powered SDR and an antenna mount. Two brands to consider are RTL-SDR and Nooelec. They are essentially the same, and I would pick whatever SDR is in stock at the time. Make sure to pick the kit that comes with the antenna accessories and not just the USB dongle. It should be between $40 to $50 USD:

    If you already own a SDR (like a HackRF or one of the RTL-chip dongles) you can also use that. Just make sure to bring/buy an antenna.

    Due to supply-chain issues, if you need to purchase a SDR for this workshop I highly recommend doing so ASAP.

    Rich currently works as a research scientist focusing on radio communications and digital signals processing applications. Before making the jump to research, he was a RF engineer and embedded software developer working on prototype radio systems and DSP tools. He is passionate about radios and wireless technology and will happily talk for hours on the subject.

    Max Class Size: 20
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    Wow Sold out in under 2 minutes .. Sad Trombone...


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      Oy, if there is a wait list, second session added or someone isn't going to make it and wants to trade their seat... I'd love to get in this one.


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        Some thoughts on what to do with waitlist/standby, assuming it is enabled:
        (I don't want to post the same content everywhere, so I will just link to it.)

        I hope this helps.
        Good luck!


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          I thought yall might find this interesting --> sdr


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            number6 hello. Is there a room number for the Harrah's location yet? thanks.


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              I do not run workshops, villages, contests, events, parties, etc at DEF CON: I post the information I am provided, and I have not been provided more details on more specific locations for this workshop. You will have th wait for one of the Workshop organizers to answer this, or try contacting the email address which may be included in your confirmation.

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              Ok. Thank you. I'll see if I can find another PoC.