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Sharon Brizinov - The Evil PLC Attack: Weaponizing PLCs

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  • Sharon Brizinov - The Evil PLC Attack: Weaponizing PLCs

    Sharon Brizinov - The Evil PLC Attack: Weaponizing PLCs

    Sharon Brizinov, Directory of Security Research @ Claroty
    Presentation Title: The Evil PLC Attack: Weaponizing PLCs
    Length of presentation: 20 minutes
    Demo, Tool, Exploit

    These days, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) in an industrial network are a critical attack target, with more exploits being identified every day. But what if the PLC wasn’t the prey, but the predator? This presentation demonstrates a novel TTP called the "Evil PLC Attack", where a PLC is weaponized in a way that when an engineer is trying to configure or troubleshoot it, the engineer’s machine gets compromised.

    We will describe how engineers diagnose PLC issues, write code, and transfer bytecode to PLCs for execution with industrial processes in any number of critical sectors, including electric, water and wastewater, heavy industry, and automotive manufacturing. Then we will describe how we conceptualized, developed, and implemented different techniques to weaponize a PLC in order to achieve code execution on an engineer’s machine.

    The research resulted in working PoCs against ICS market leaders which fixed all the reported vulnerabilities and remediated the attack vector. Such vendors include Rockwell Automation, Schneider Electric, GE, B&R, Xinje, OVARRO and more.

    Sharon Brizinov leads the vulnerability research at Claroty. Brizinov specializes in vulnerability research, malware analysis, network forensics, and ICS/SCADA security. In addition, Brizinov participated in well-known hacking competitions such as Pwn2Own (2020, 2022), and he holds a DEFCON black-badge for winning the ICS CTF (DEFCON 27).