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Solomon Sonya - Master Class: Delivering a New Construct in Advanced Volatile Memory Analysis ...

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  • Solomon Sonya - Master Class: Delivering a New Construct in Advanced Volatile Memory Analysis ...

    Solomon Sonya - Master Class: Delivering a New Construct in Advanced Volatile Memory Analysis for Fun and Profit


    Saturday from 0900 to 1300
    EventBrite Link:

    Malware continues to advance in sophistication. Well-engineered malware can obfuscate itself from the user and the OS. Volatile memory is the unique structure malware cannot evade. I have engineered a new construct for memory analysis and a new open-source tool that automates memory analysis, correlation, and user-interaction to increase investigation accuracy, reduce analysis time and workload, and better detect malware presence from memory. This workshop introduces a new visualization construct that creates the ability to interact with memory analysis artifacts. We will cover how to conducted advanced memory analysis utilizing this brand new tool that will greatly enhance the analysis process. Additionally, we will learn how to use new Data XREF and System Manifest features in this workshop. Data XREF provides an index and memory context detailing how your search data is coupled with processes, modules, and events captured in memory. The System Manifest distills the analysis data to create a new memory analysis snapshot and precise identification of malicious artifacts detectable from malware execution especially useful for exploit dev and malware analysis! This talk is perfect if you have conducted memory analysis before and understand the pain it is to conduct this type of analysis by hand. In this workshop, we will work with a new revolutionary tool to automate, correlate, and enrich memory analysis saving you hours of analysis time. This work shop exposes participants to capture-the-flag memory analysis challenges utilizing the new Xavier Memory Analysis Framework and concludes with a culminating capstone exercise at the end. Participants will walk away with advanced memory analysis capabilities including how to recognize and handle various forms of advance code injection and rootkit hooking techniques from computer memory.

    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Materials Needed: Just a laptop with VirtualBox installed. I will provide the memory images with all tools configured ready for the workshop.

    Solomon Sonya (@Carpenter1010) is the Director of Cyber Operations Training at a large organization. He has a background in software development, malware analysis, covert channels, steganography, distributed computing, computer hacking, information protection paradigms, and cyber warfare. He received his Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science and has Master’s degrees in Computer Science and Information System Engineering. Before becoming Director of Cyber Operations Training, he was a university Computer Science Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Research Director. Solomon’s current research includes computer system exploitation, cyber threat intelligence, digital forensics, and data protection.
    Solomon's previous keynote and conference engagements include: BlackHat USA, SecTor Canada, Hack in Paris, France, HackCon Norway, ICSIS – Toronto, ICORES Italy, BruCon Belgium, CyberCentral – Prague and Slovakia, Hack.Lu Luxembourg, Shmoocon DC, BotConf - France, DerbyCon Kentucky, SkyDogCon Tennessee, HackerHalted Georgia, Day-Con Ohio, and TakeDownCon Connecticut, Maryland, and Alabama, AFCEA – Colorado Springs.

    Max Class Size: 40

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