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  • Chris Rock - Killer Hertz

    Chris Rock - Killer Hertz

    Chris Rock, Hacker

    Presentation Title: Killer Hertz
    Length of presentation: 45 minutes
    Demo, Tool, Exploit

    Governments and the private sector around the world spend billions of dollars on Electronic Counter Measures (ECMs) which include jamming technologies. These jammers are used by police departments to disrupt criminal communication operations as well as in prisons to disrupt prisoners using smuggled in cell phones. The military use jammers to disrupt radar communications, prevent remote IEDs from triggering and radio communications. The private sector use jammers to disrupt espionage in the board room and to protect VIPS from RC-IEDs.

    What if there was a way of communicating that was immune to jammers without knowing the point of origin. A way of communicating at short to medium distances, an Electronic Counter Countermeasure ECCM to the jammer.

    Using a custom-built Tx/Rx, I will use the earth’s crust to generate a H-field Near Field Communication (NFC) channel spanning 1-11km away in the sub 9 kHz range to communicate encrypted messages in a jammed environment.


    Chris Rock is a Cyber Mercenary who has worked in the Middle East, US and Asia for the last 30 years working for both government and private organizations. ˇHe is the Chief Information Security Officer and co-founder of SIEMonster.

    Chris is an Information Security researcher who specializes on vulnerabilities in global systems. He presented at the largest hacking conference in the world, I Will Kill You? at DEFCON 23 in Las Vegas. Where he detailed how hackers could create fake people and kill them using vulnerabilities in the Birth and Death Registration systems around the world. Chris also presented How to Overthrow a Government? at DEFCON 24, working with the coup mercenary Simon Mann.

    Chris is also the author of the Baby Harvest, a book based on criminals and terrorists using virtual babies and fake deaths for financing. He has also been invited to speak at TED global.
    Twitter @chrisrockhacker

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