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Defcon Ham Radio Fox Hunting Contest

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  • Defcon Ham Radio Fox Hunting Contest

    Defcon Ham Radio Fox Hunting Contest

    Official Contest or event Name: DC30 Ham Radio Fox Hunt Contest

    In the world of amateur radio, groups of hams will often put together a transmitter hunt (also called "fox hunting") in order to hone their radio direction finding skills to locate one or more hidden radio transmitters broadcasting. The Defcon Ham Radio Fox Hunt will require participants to locate a number of hidden radio transmitters broadcasting at very low power which are hidden throughout the conference. A map with rough search areas will be given to participants to guide them on their hunt. Additional hints and tips will be provided throughout Defcon at the contest table to help people who find themselves stuck. This contest is designed to be an introduction to ham radio fox hunting and as such will be simple to participate in and all people who participate will be guided towards successful completion!

    Friday: 10:00-20:00
    Saturday: 10:00-20:00
    Sunday: None
    In-person only.

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    What do I need to participate? Is a 2m handheld radio enough, or do I need specialized equipment?


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      Editing a comment
      I do not run this contest or any contests, villages, events, parties, etc at DEF CON. I was provided the information above. I have no URL or email address or twitter account to contact them for you to ask your question. Hopefully the people that run this will see your question on the forums and answer it here.

      The best suggestion I have other than waiting? (Ham Radio Village and Exam) may be hosting this contest. Their website seems to be which has an email address: You could try emailing them to see if they are running this and have answers. Then, if you get a reply with answers, post a follow-up here to let other people know what you learned.