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CyberPeace Builders - Adrien Ogee Pro hackers who volunteer to help NGOs improve their cybersecurity

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  • CyberPeace Builders - Adrien Ogee Pro hackers who volunteer to help NGOs improve their cybersecurity

    CyberPeace Builders - Adrien Ogee
    Pro hackers who volunteer to help NGOs improve their cybersecurity.

    CyberPeace Builders

    Adrien Ogee

    The CyberPeace Builders are pro hackers who volunteer to help NGOs improve their cybersecurity. Through a portal that I’ll demo, hackers can access a variety of short engagements, from 1 to 4 hours, to provide targeted cybersecurity help to NGOs on topics ranging from staff awareness to DMARC implementation, password management and authentication practices, breach notification, OSINT and dark web monitoring, all the way to designing a cyber-related poster for the staff, reviewing their privacy policy and cyber insurance papers. The programme is the world’s first and only skills-based volunteering opportunity for professionals in the cybersecurity industry; it has been prototyped over 2 years, was launched in July 2021 and is now being used by over 60 NGOs worldwide, ultimately helping to protect over 350 million vulnerable people and $500 million in funds. I’ll demo the platform, show the type of help NGOs need and explain how NGOs and security professionals can leverage the programme.

    Adrien is currently Chief Operations Officer at the CyberPeace Institute, a cybersecurity non-profit based in Switzerland. At the Institute, he provides cybersecurity assistance to vulnerable communities around the world. Adrien has more than 15 years of experience in various cyber crisis response roles in the private sector, the French Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI), the European Cybersecurity Agency (ENISA), and the World Economic Forum. Adrien holds an MEng in telecommunication and information systems, an MSc in Global Security and a Master in Business Administration.

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    Hi everyone, Adrien here, responsible for this demolab session at DEF CON 30.

    Date and place: August 12th, 2pm-4pm in the boardroom called "Accord", Caesars Palace.

    A few updates :
    -We currently have numerous open missions in our platform: over 70 NGOs are getting helped / asking for help. We need you! Please reach out to in case you can't attend DEF CON and we'll respond in no time.
    -We have just opened our human-centric training course for beta-testing, we're looking for beta-testers*
    -We're finalising the recruitment of a Regional Advisor in Colombia, hosted by our local partner Karisma at their K-Lab, expanding our activities to LATAM after Europe, East Africa and North America
    -We're currently working on partnerships with numerous organisations in the US, Okta for Good, UC Berkeley, ISC2 and NetHope to name but a few.

    Really looking forward to the con and to meeting you all. Oh and I'll be bringing Swiss chocolate, so do stop by for a treat!


    * The training aims to upskill volunteers, you, so you better understand NGOs' operating context. The course touches upon topics such as international humanitarian action, trauma communication, digital colonialism, diversity and inclusion, etc. It was developed specifically for the CyberPeace Builders (e.g. for cybersecurity professionals), with the help of external experts. Many of the skills you acquire through the course, and train while volunteering, transfer to your day job, making you better everyday builders...


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      hi, i am shmuel… pleaee can you help me with knowing much about programing