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Friday 4X5K Run!

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  • Friday 4X5K Run!

    4X5K @ DC30

    Let's have some fun! and go for run! DEFCON4X5K is back!

    The Hype: The 4X5K is returning to DefCon 30. Come running, because maybe you like your mornings sweaty! 0530 is the perfect time to either wind down your evening or start up your day! 0600 is of course the coolest time for a run in Vegas (It's only 80! And the sky’s are a beautiful red from global climate change!) But who really cares, running is fun, let's go for a run!

    The Dope: Meet up at 06: 00 (6 AM) at the base of the Paris Hotel and Casino by the Eiffel tower outside on Thursday-Sunday (8/11-8/14/2022) for 5.1K fun run. Run departs at around 0610. We have no idea what the turnout is going to be this year! We never do! But the thought is to do some experimental adventure stuff this year! It’s DefCon 30! Come prepared with some cash money ($1,5,20s), a cool mask and sense of adventure! Routes will vary but will mostly likely be strip-centric, maybe.Safety Brief: It's Vegas, weird stuff will happen, it always does. Be aware that wet concrete is super slippery, broken glass is not your friend, and randos abound! If people harass you, just keep running. You are fast, and they are lame. Some random people may want to join in. This is cool, until it's not. Watch for traffic along the route. It's going to be hot. Hydrate before, during, and after. There can be a surprising number of stairs to climb on these runs, especially when we run south along the strip. Help each other out. Don't die, don’t leave anyone behind.

    Shilling: The organizers (of which there are very few) are interested in talking to sponsors and past attendees about how we can awesome up this event. We're looking at you, fitness tracker companies: maybe we'll stop dropping 0days if you buy us some water and bananas.

    I will see you there.

    Follow u/Agent __ X __ & u/whereiskurt on Twitter for updates, and follow the hashtag #DEFCON4X5K

    August 12, 2022 06:00
    August 12, 2022 07:00
    Base of the Paris Hotel and Casino by the Eiffel Tower outside
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