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Dahvid Schloss - Zero 2 Emulated Criminal: Intro to Windows Malware Dev

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  • Dahvid Schloss - Zero 2 Emulated Criminal: Intro to Windows Malware Dev

    Dahvid Schloss - Zero 2 Emulated Criminal: Intro to Windows Malware Dev
    Latest details, requirements, description, cost:

    Training description:
    Step up your emulated criminal game with a practical, hands-on introduction to malware development. Join a prior US Special Operations Cyber Operator to learn the building blocks and techniques used in real-world malware variants.
    You don’t need fancy, expensive tools to get a C2 implant executed while evading antivirus. You need basic knowledge, ingenuity, and elbow grease.
    In this course, we don’t cut corners. You will learn by doing, not by copying and pasting with modules and labs that will give you the ability to deviate and improvise on your very first malware variants in C++, even if you have no prior C++ experience.
    Where this course differs from others is its reduced need for prior knowledge, and enhanced emphasis on hands-on learning.
    By the end of the course, you will understand and be able to implement:
    - Techniques to use the native Win32 API for adversarial tactics, enhancing stealth and offensive efficiency
    - Maintaining data/shellcode integrity while using multiple ciphers for obfuscation and encryption
    - Modular antivirus evasion techniques that will remain useful through your pen testing career

    Student skill level:
    Will be programming in C++ and Python but will not need to have knowledge in either, just an understanding of how programming languages work (e.g., if, then, else, loops, etc.).

    What should students bring to the Training?:
    A laptop that can run two virtual machines concurrently
    Machine 1: Windows 10 machine w/ Visual Studio 19
    Machine 2: Linux machine (Kali preferred) with Metasploit and Mythic
    Downloads can be available from a shared folder
    Dahvid is the Offensive Security Lead at Echelon Risk + Cyber. As an experienced professional with over 12 years of cyber-attack and defense experience, Dahvid has previously worked as a Red Team Operator with a Big 4 consulting firm leading and conducting Adversarial Emulation exercises. He also served in the military, leading, conducting, and advising on special operations offensive cyber operations. He has a wide background in cyber security including logical, social, and physical exploitation as well as leading malware development enabling c2 execution while evading endpoint detection solutions.
    DATE:Aug 15th to 16th 2022
    TIME:8am to 5pm PDT
    VENUE:Caesars Forum Ballroom
    TRAINER:Dahvid Schloss

    CERTIFICATE TEST AVAILABLE (45 minutes after class) Please purchase Certificate test
    - 16 hours of training with a certificate of completion for some classes
    - COVID safety: Masks required for indoor training
    - Note: Classes that do not meet their minimum class size by July 15 will be canceled, please register early
    - Note: Food is NOT included
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