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atlas - Emulation-driven reverse-engineering for finding vulns

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  • atlas - Emulation-driven reverse-engineering for finding vulns

    atlas - Emulation-driven reverse-engineering for finding vulns

    atlas, chief pwning officer, 0fd00m c0rp0ration, He/Him

    Presentation Title: Emulation-driven reverse-engineering for finding vulns
    Length of presentation: 45 min
    Demo, Tool

    Do your eyes hurt? is your brain aching? is your pain caused from too much deciphering difficult assembly (or decompiled C) code? Assembly can hurt, C code can be worse. Partial emulation to the rescue! Let the emulator walk you through the code, let it answer hard questions/problems you run into in your reversing/vuln research.

    This talk will introduce you the power of emulator-driven reversing. guide your RE with the help of an emulator (one that can survive limited context), emulate code you don't want to reverse, be better, learn more, be faster, with less brain-drain.

    Make no mistake, RE will always have room for magicians to show their wizardry... but after this talk, you may find yourself a much more powerful wizard.

    atlas is a binary ninja who's been working to improve his understanding of this digital world for nearly two decades. firmware, software, hardware, rf, protocols, it's all fun to him. after all these years, he still enjoys making sense of low level things and bringing along friends who share the passion. background in development, client/server admin, hardware reversing, software reversing, vulnerability research, exploiting things in SCADA/ICS, Power Grid, Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, and devving tools to make it all easier, faster, and more consistent.