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FISSURE: The RF Framework - Christopher Poore

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  • FISSURE: The RF Framework - Christopher Poore

    FISSURE: The RF Framework - Christopher Poore

    An open-source RF and reverse engineering framework.

    FISSURE: The RF Framework

    Christopher Poore

    FISSURE is an open-source RF and reverse engineering framework designed for all skill levels with hooks for signal detection and classification, protocol discovery, attack execution, IQ manipulation, vulnerability analysis, automation, and AI/ML. The framework was built to promote the rapid integration of software modules, radios, protocols, signal data, scripts, flow graphs, reference material, and third-party tools. FISSURE is a workflow enabler that keeps software in one location and allows teams to effortlessly get up to speed while sharing the same proven baseline configuration for specific Linux distributions. The framework and tools included with FISSURE are designed to detect the presence of RF energy, understand the characteristics of a signal, collect and analyze samples, develop transmit and/or injection techniques, and craft custom payloads or messages. FISSURE contains a growing library of protocol and signal information to assist in identification, packet crafting, and fuzzing. Online archive capabilities exist to download signal files and build playlists to simulate traffic and test systems.

    Chris Poore is a Senior Reverse Engineer at Assured Information Security in Rome, NY. He has expertise discovering vulnerabilities in wireless systems, gaining access to systems via RF, reverse engineering RF protocols, forensically testing cybersecurity systems, and administering RF collection events. He has been the main figure behind the design and implementation of FISSURE since its inception in 2014. Chris is excited about implementing ideas drawn from the community and taking advantage of increased networking opportunities, so please reach out to him.

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    Friday 8/12 10:00 – 11:55

    I'm excited to help kick off the Demo Labs with "FISSURE: The RF Framework" first thing Friday morning. Come take a first look at the software that with any luck will grow into one of the most powerful RF & RE tools found in the open-source community. There is already so much included with FISSURE, you are bound to find something that stokes your interest (the installer itself is worth its weight in gold). With your help, FISSURE will change how we work with and learn about the combined realms of RF and cybersecurity.

    Can’t make it Friday morning? That’s OK. Post a message in this forum, follow along at, take a look at, or leave a comment in the GitHub Discussions tab.

    Hope to see you there.